Privacy Policy regarding the processing of personal data of users of the website

This policy (the”Policy”) describes how the personal data of users of the (the “Website”) is processed by Gabetti PropertySolutions Agency S.p.A., with registered offices in via Bernardo Quaranta 40,20139, Milano (Gabetti Agency).  

This Policy does not generally apply to third party websites, applications or content, not even if accessed from the website
In these cases, the data protection policies of such third parties are applicable and may be different from the present Policy, which we advise consulting before disclosing any data. 

Data Controller. 
For the purposes of this Policy, Gabetti Property Solutions Agency S.p.A., with registered officesin via Bernardo Quaranta 40, 20139, Milano is the data controller (“GabettiAgency” or the “Controller”).
Gabetti Agency is a company operating in the real estate sector.
Data Collected. 
Gabetti Agency collects personal data through the Website when users fill out forms and submit requests, or when they send e-mails to the addresses indicated on the Website. “Personal Data” includes all data that can be used to identify a data subject, whether directly or indirectly. We may also automatically collect certain Personal Data when you access, utilize or interact with us through the Website. Data that you provide through the WebsiteWe collect the datathat you willingly provide. For example, you willingly provide data by communicating with us, submitting requests, sending e-mails or by filling outand submitting online requests for information.
The Personal Data you might provide through these methods includes your first and last name, youre-mail address, telephone number, and any other information that you mightvoluntarily include.

Data that we may automatically collect
The Website uses cookies and similar technological tools (collectively, “Cookies”) to collect and store data related to Website use and access, as well as communication sent and received through such use. We might, for example, collect data related to the type of instrument used to access the Website, your operating system, your IP address, the general geographic position identified by your IP address, the type of browser you use, the content that you visualize and access through th eWebsite, the way you eventually interact with content available on the Website,and the key words you search for on the Website.
For more information about the use of Cookies, click here.

Purposes of PersonalData processing and legal basis.
The purposes for which your Personal Data will be processed by Gabetti Agency are as follows: to respond to yourrequests for information (including those submitted by e-mail inquiries to thee-mail addresses indicated on the Website), to respond to your specific requests during the pre-contractual phase, and to fulfill established contractual under takings; to send you commercial and marketing material – via e-mail, telephone, text message, and/or instant messaging – related to the services offered by Gabetti Agency and its affiliates it its capacity of data controller of your Personal Data.

Gabetti Agency processes your data to perform the activities set out in point a) of the present paragraph 3 and, therefore, to answer your express requests (for information,etc.). Consequently, the legal basis for such processing is to implement pre-contractual measures requested by the client.
The processing of your data for the purposes set out at point a) of the present paragraph 3 is necessary.
Failure to consent to such processing prohibits us from following upon your requests.
Gabetti Agency, in its capacity of data controller of your Personal Data, will not process your datato carry out the activities set out at point b) of the present paragraph 3 (i.e., to send you commercial / marketing material related to the services offered by Gabetti Agency and its affiliates) without your express consent.
Your consent therefore constitutes the legal basis for such data processing.

Consent may be validly given or revoked with reference to one or more of the purposes of the above mentioned data processing purposes.
Consent may be revoke dat any time by similar means as those indicated for its granting (such as by contacting us at the contact details provided at the bottom of this Policy), without prejudice to lawful processing performed before revocation occurred.

Communication ofPersonal Data collected
Data will be processedby the Controller and designated third parties, and may be communicated onlywhen strictly necessary to perform the activities set out in Section 3 above.
Third party recipients of Data may process said data as independent or designated data processors, asthe case may be.
If you would like to receive a complete list of processors involved in processing your PersonalData, please send a formal request to the address provided at Section 8 below.
Processing method
Your Personal Data will be processed by employees and/or affiliates of the Controller and/orindependent data processors who have been specifically designated and authorized to process said data for the purposes of this Policy. For example ,your data may be processed by employees and/or affiliates responsible for humanre sources functions, legal council, administrative assistants and information systems. For a complete list of data processors, please send a formal request to the Controller in accordance with the present Policy.

The Controller and its third party affiliates carry out data processing using electronic or automated tools, following procedures that are strictly linked to the aims expressed. In any case, data shall be processed in such a way as to guarantee the securityand confidentiality of the same.Dissemination ofPersonal Data.

Your Personal Data will not be disseminated. Retention period of the Personal Data.
Gabetti Agency will retain your Personal Data in a form that permits your identification for no longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes for which they have been collected and subsequently processed. In any event, your Personal Data will not be retained longer than 24 months from their collection for each purpose identified in Section 3 above.

Rights of the datasubject.
You have the right atany time to:
(I) obtain confirmation as to whether or not Personal Dataconcerning you exists;
(II) be informed of the purposes and methods of theprocessing, the entities or categories of entity to whom or which your PersonalData may be communicated, and the period for which your Personal Data isretained;
(III) obtain the correction or erasure of your Personal Data and,where applicable, the restriction on processing;
(IV) object, in whole or inpart, to processing;
(V) receive Personal Data that concerns you from theController in a structured and commonly used format that is clearlymachine-readable, and transmit those data to another data controller withouthindrance from the Controller;
(VI) lodge a complaint with the data protectionauthority (il Garante per la protezione dei dati personali); VII) select themeans by which you wish to be contacted for the purposes identified at point b) of Section 3 above, and in particular indicate if you wish to be contacted byso-called traditional means (paper-based mail, telephone with operator), by so-called automated means (e-mail, text message, telephone without operator,etc.) or both.The above rights maybe exercised at any time by sending a simple request to Gabetti Agency at Via Bernardo Quaranta, 40 - 20139 Milano (MI) – Italia, or the following e-mail address:


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The data subject, declaring to have read the Privacy Policy: To receive by e-mail,telephone, text message and/or instant message commercial / marketing materialrelated to services offered by Gabetti Agency and its affiliates, in itscapacity of controller of your Personal Information